Our company, İkiler Ziraat Aletleri Limited, which is structured in accordance with the goal of producing world class agricultural tools knives, has completed the infrastructure of our industrial machinery park in our production facility, which is the first condition for this. Our company continues its investments and R&D studies in order to define, implement and continuously improve the conditions, needs and expectations of the Quality Management System.


Our Expertise!

Our company İkiler Ziraat Aletleri Limited Şirketi, since 1984; continues to produce without sacrificing quality in order to provide the best service to the agricultural sector. In order to meet the needs of our valued customers, we produce all the knives for agricultural tools. In addition, our products manufactured with the latest technology are very unlikely to deform. With İkiler Agricultural Tools products; You can process more areas and enjoy the guaranteed product. All of its products are warranted for bending and breaking. If you encounter a situation like bending and breaking; instant free change is covered by our company. We offer quality products to our farmers on this path, which we continue by adopting the principle of permanent satisfaction and durability, with years of experience and expertise.


All Our Products Are Guaranteed Against Breaking and Bending!


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